Tales along the riverbank

The quote from my previous blog 'Today I have grown taller by walking with the trees' has continued as we start exploring more of Northern Ireland as the weather improves. A last minute decision saw our feet firmly, or maybe not so firmly trekking the riverbank walk of Tollymore Forest Park, Newcastle, County Down. I started out the walk with a pain in my shoulder which I had sustained the previous day by lifting my arms above my head to take a photo with my iPhone (I know the 6 plus is larger than the previous models but who would have expected a tweak to my shoulder would cause so much pain) We now know this was the final straw as it was only when we were in Tollymore that dad realised I had my rucksack on upside-down and the weight of everything I kept in there wasn't as balanced as it should have been. What a relief when I changed the position (and took out unnecessary stuff) I think I have learned as the injury reminds me of the severe pain when we thought we would be driving home via A&E.

Starting out with my rucksack upside down

I have my suspicions that I will experience more pain when once again dad comes along as we rarely keep to the route laid out as when dad sees a path less trodden, guess which path we take? He might regret this as despite the excellent directions laid out along the walks in Tollymore we had our detour and I became a little colder, aching from my injury, just about putting one foot in front of the other when my rescue came as dad decided he would like to get home for his dinner and took my rucksack off my back and carry everything back to the carpark via much needed public conveniences. (I couldn't bear to lift it over my shoulders!)

I will let the photos speak for themselves as both of us had sneaky views of each other...yes we still enjoy fun together as we make happy memories even when I think I don't have the energy to draw another breath. We only had one bottle of water between us when we arrived back at the car and we couldn't get the top off it as it had been kept too cold. Eventually my determination and the help of dad's Swiss army knife I managed to open it as it was the only thing to keep us sane on the way home. Maybe I should plan to take some energy food for dad but on second thoughts, maybe I would end up walking all night!

Both of us experienced a wonderful sense of freedom when we were surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. The river and the birds occupying our minds, wonderful. This walk has given us the spark we needed to face more challenges and explore our island in the coming months. When time permits I will upload some more photos to our gallery page and trust they will in some way add a visual memory to anyone who views them. 

Tales beyond the closed sign

Return of the Heron