Return of the Heron

It has been a while from my last photo blog but various circumstances have set us back a little with walks and subsequently enough photographs to publish. Both of us have missed our hobby and trust we will be back to furnish our website with events and those fun moments we depict via our blog.

We didn't go too far on Sunday but were rewarded with the sights and sounds of nature all around us. It is lovely to live so close to the countryside and the seaside which isn't always possible if living in some parts of the world. We may be limited in a lot of other things and magnificent scenes but our little island holdsa special place in our hearts especially when we view our surroundings through the lens of our cameras. Others may pass what we see by and wonder why it takes so long to walk from A-B yet neither of us would change a rush around a busy town or hours in a gym for a refreshing nature walk.

Readers of our blog may remember our search for the heron last year and how he had more patience than we had. We had fun trying to find him and when we did he was hidden in the grasses on the opposite side of the river bank. We were over joyed if we caught a glimpse of him even when I was frozen to the ground hoping to snap a better photograph.

Our walk along the Lagan towpath was topped off with the sudden realisation that those long legs and wide wing span belonged to our hide and seek heron. If I could have recorded my mind in slo-mo I could show the thought process as I stopped chatting and the individual characteristics came into view. Bit by bit, in seconds yet it seemed longer my mind spoke, legs, wings, about to land until eventually I called to dad 'It's a heron!'

Long legs, wing span: Heron

Our cameras ready this time we snapped our photos as he stood watching for his next meal. I almost slipped down the bank in pursuit of the best photo. A couple passing by thought the heron was a duck! It was quite funny as one of them had his camera and we could imagine him showing his friends the photo of the long legged duck although we were able to chat and tell them the duck was in fact a heron.

If this is the start of our first steps back into our photo walks then we feel it is an amazing one as our subject was the very one who escaped our lens so many times last year. We saw squirrels and listened to the birds song which was hitting a crescendo throughout our walk. Despite dad being out of walking mode for so long he managed to walk the feet of me on our first real outing. My shoulders burned with pain as we climbed just one more time! I was exhausted and I am still recovering while dad is planning on more adventures as the prospect of better weather is approaching.

Nature is a great restorer and to me it has been resting place for the stresses and worries I am facing just now. I really feel a weight has been lifted as soon as I find myself surrounded by the beauty of nature, away from the bustle of the madness of city and social life. I can concur with the quote:

'Today I have grown taller, by walking with the trees'




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