Behind the camera

Along came dad started out with our fun photo shoots, taking shots of each other when least expected. As I am not a person to enjoy being in front of the camera dad still has fun and doesn't have to look too far for his entertainment. From the photos I was presented with I guess anyone in the area was enjoying the amusement at my expense too. As you will see I was intent on the project in hand which was taking photos at The Argory's snowdrop walk this left me with less time to catchup with taking sneaky ones of dad. I am sure you will see even keeping up with dad is in itself a race for my legs as he strides ahead in front of me! I got my own back as I let him walk about all afternoon with his trousers tucked down his boots, which is something he hates to happen. There has been a bit of pressure and bribery for me to present photos of myself in ridiculous contortions to achieve the shots I wanted! (perhaps, methinks a new ski jacket for next winter. Afterall I can't keep wearing the same one for photos) I have added a few of dad just to keep things even and as I have control of the iMac I had no bribery to achieve this. 

Return of the Heron

Sense of Place