Dad still comes along

We have just come home from a beautiful albeit cold walk on a Sunday afternoon. I am still not up to the mark with the distance we can go but when we are out we have stopped to notice the tiny things which we may have missed if we had been anticipating a longer walk. Last week we stood and watched a flock of Long Tailed Tits. This was a first for us despite the many birds we have visiting the garden we had never had the long tailed tits. Today we spied a tiny bird, at first we thought a Coal tit but both of us knew his colour was different  which prompted both of us to look at the other markings which may seem easy but he flitted about with speed! The wing markings began to add up to me then the confirmation I needed was the flash of gold on his head. A Goldcrest which we have seen in our garden but he isn't a frequent visitor or if he is he might pass by when we aren't watching. He is smaller than the wren and a marvel at how he copes in the cold weather when I am out with too many layers on to count. 

We didn't go too far from home today. I took this snapshot of dad with my iPhone and really wanted to share it on our blog. Off course dad always comes along and this is why started our blog. Dad may not be involved as much in social activities but he is still the same and enjoys photography as much as he always did. I know I would love dad to be joining in online but when he is out he has our blog in his heart and often shares our website with friends he contacts through his tape work.

I am grateful to have dad and know just how much he has helped me over recent months. Friends who are very close to me will know how difficult I find things at times and how I am torn apart by constant bombardment of diets, health and fitness in the new year. There are many things which make me crumble but each time dad has been there to help me through. I was really pleased with this snap today. It isn't a professional portrait shot but it means so much to me. Despite my cooking failures during the time I wasn't well dad is actually looking healthy. I had been concerned about him but today when I checked my camera roll I smiled to see an improvement in dad, if only he had passed on those genes to me!

I have been thinking a lot recently and giving thanks for those people who have been an influence on the way I feel. I am making more time to read and listen to books to enjoy descriptive writing. There seems to be an overuse of slang words and phrases online, replacing our native language. Reading the Classics helps me to focus on details and the importance of the written word. How many times do we look at questions online and the only reply is a 'like' or nothing at all? I don't understand how people are willing to share something yet don't come back to reply if anyone asks a question. Perhaps I am the only one who thinks like this but it really makes me grateful for books and for genuine contact with friends by email, chatting when we meet. When friends take time to email or message there's a bond just like sisters should have which makes these friendships special. I am grateful for friends like this. They have become part of our family, dad knows them by name and we care about the details happening in each of our lives.

I cannot forget friends who live across the world, who are working with the less privileged in our society. I admire their work and how they have left the luxuries of home to devote their lives to others. This is when social networks really do take an important place in my life as I wouldn't have known these friends without our online connections. We will meet someday in a much happier place. Personally I pray that day isn't too far away. News headlines may depress us but in my mind prophecy is being fulfilled. The day is coming closer when we will leave this cruel world. 

This post has become personal but I had something deep in my heart to share. I know it isn't as eloquent as I would like it to be but most of all I hope it expresses my gratitude to friends near and far. I shared a photo of another friend who inspires us on another site last week. His name I wouldn't disclose here but it's friends like this who we appreciate. Family and friends are important to me. I am thankful for each one, their names I have in my mind as I type. I know they will know the part they play in our lives. They are friends who ask a question but also wait for the reply. I trust I will be the listening ear to each of them and they will know I am willing to help. It's important to have friends but it is vital to be a friend.  

"This Little Light of mine, I'm going to let it shine"



This post all started because 'dad still comes along'

Footsteps in the snow