Six senses

During my recent set back I have been experiencing a deep sense of the quality of things and places which mean a lot to me. To feel 'out of place' and anxious in situations that had become part of my routine spoke to me more than ever and it is from this viewpoint I am discovering my life doesn't have to follow the popular trends, in fact this is when I feel too much pressure and need to pull back and change things. 

What is life if, full of care we have no time to stand and stare? 

W. H. Davies spoke words made me think. Both of us can relate to these words when we are out together taking photographs. I don't think many people would understand a walk surrounded by nature can be the most mind developing experience if only we took time. Our walks seem long but in reality they are short it is only due to how many times we stop and stare.

Our days out have been much less and the length of time I feel comfortable being out is very short. Dad has had to slow his pace but when we sat down to chat we realised this isn't a weakness or something to be sad about. We have enjoyed taking time to notice the tiniest detail in our surroundings and this in turn has brought us a bounty of mind filling treasures. I haven't taken as many photos with my new iPhone as I thought I would have taken in the first week but the ones I have taken aren't just a snap decision. I am not trying to be super B but I am thoroughly enjoying taking time to familiarise myself with the new features of the camera. I haven't used any edits or filters on purpose as I feel the details in the flowers or my subject emphasis the possibilities which are now at my disposal. Shots which I normally would have used my Canon or Fuji for are now possible with my iPhone. Currently I cannot carry my full kit about which has helped me to focus on one camera instead of three! I hope you can see that things which I could have grumbled about have worked out perfectly. I really did need a mighty shout out to slow down and rethink. 

I have made decisions about places I used to go to every week. Things have changed there and were actually adding pressure to my mind. Something I didn't need and dad agrees 100% 

Another blog post which changed as I type but that's me, I really do write from my heart. I hope someone who reads this will remember the quote. I don't mind if you forget the words that I type as long as you remember to take time to stare

iPhone 6 Plus without any edits or filters to the photo

I have chosen a photo taken at Rowallane gardens, a National Trust property close to us. A wonderful afternoon staring at the wonders of nature that both of us enjoyed together. Not at dad's normal pace but in our new found 'time'

In case you are wondering yes I love my iPhone 6 Plus 


Plus and minus

Hopping in