Hopping in

Just an update before bunny gets into his box ready for collection. After a slight panic yesterday when I realised my deadline was fast approaching plus I wasn't feeling on top form as I had to go to the hospital for x-rays. I am so grateful to a very special friend who supported me through a nervous morning and to dad who made sure that the rest of the day I could spend completing the bunny. Finishing touches were added this morning and I am pleased to report he is ready and only spent a short time in my 'don't like' corner. I haven't got days to keep looking at him which is maybe best for me just now as I have enough on my mind to worry about

A bonus from having to go to the hospital yesterday was finding a craft shop I didn't know existed quite close to home. It was filled with the brands of wool and needles I love and use. A treasure trove of colours and textures. I plan to go back to order some wool to knit dad his new jumper while my mind is back into hand crafting. I feel this really is important as sometimes life online just isn't easy to keep up with and can cause times when I feel I am lost and alone. When I am crafting my thoughts are lifted to concentrate on the item I am making and have the support of genuine friends who understand how difficult things can be. I am so thankful for friends who have kept in touch and know when I need their caring words to help me through a set back. 

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope bunny doesn't disappoint. I hope to share some more intricate, finer work over the time we have our site. Don't worry I will be back to sharing our photos too and dad is busy planning our autumn colours and scenes for a new gallery.


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