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A new week and another blog which doesn't feature any visits to coast or country. I don't know if rib pain is meant to get worse before it feels better but the pain has intensified together with my other symptoms I am feeling a bit tender just now. Coughing without aggravating the pain has become my challenge of the week! 

Bunny is coming along although I have had to reduce the time spent working on him due to the pain I have. I will be trying hard to get him finished as he is needed for the end of this week. I didn't tell you last week that normally my finished work goes into a 'don't like' corner! My friend Sion knows all about this corner and knows I go through the same process with anything I have created until I (hopefully) see that the work looks ok or dad persuades me to see the finished result as others see it instead of through my perfectionist eyes. Hopefully bunny will look at me this week and I will see him as ready to go! 

Last week saw the release of iPhone 6 with all the news of long queues and back orders for all of the models in the range. Normally I stood in line at our Apple store, getting up at some unearthly hour to stand in the cold but we enjoyed fun atmosphere and eventual purchase of the phone in store. This year apart from my current state of health I knew I could not cope with the early morning, the cold and changes in my mind due to different things happening this year. We are fortunate in the UK that we can buy a SIM free, unlocked iPhone which is how I have always purchased my phones in preference to a contract.

I decided to try the pre-order from Apple online the previous week although this wasn't without a few breath stopping moments as the servers crashed until I eventually placed my order which promised to be delivered on the 19th. I didn't think it would be here on the day as normally we receive deliveries a day or two behind the mainland.

iPhone 6 Plus Silver 128GB

iPhone 6 Plus Silver 128GB

Before the official launch I had worked out in my mind that I wouldn't be going for the rumoured larger iPhone especially as I don't have big hands at all and as for fitting into my jeans pocket...well even the smaller one has issues on this score. My mind changed after the launch as the extra features of the 6 Plus camera attracted me amongst a few other things which fully depended on my usage of the iPhone. 

I will not be blogging a review as there are many professional reviews out there for people to read which would be much more beneficial when making a choice. I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB silver and am pleased to report this was the specification that arrived with me on Friday 19th. I checked my order status that morning after reading Twitter to find others on the mainland had the official 'out for delivery' mine still showed at hub. I was only too grateful I would receive it at some date soon as I knew others who have to wait even longer. It was a happy surprise to receive an SMS later in that morning informing me it would be delivered and it was! I had to start setting it up as I always set my iPhones or iPads up as new devices. I don't restore from a backup as my obsessively tidy mind likes to carefully select which apps I really use. This will change over time as I will try new apps but I really like to be a bit more organised at the outset. This method takes longer but I don't mind that. 

I will admit the phone is big but the one handed operation really doesn't affect me from day to day as I normally use both hands to hold and use even the smaller iPhones. I will encounter difficulties taking a photo with something in my other hand but I will always remember to keep bringing dad along! I have a stump stand which is perfect to hold my phone beside my bed or anywhere in the house and when I go out I will have a bag of some description. The pocket of my jeans is much too small but as I always have a coat or gilet on with pockets I am sure most of them will accommodate the 6 Plus. I haven't bought a case yet as I am waiting to see Knomo's cases although their selection for the Plus model isn't as colourful as the 6 I still love the quality of my bags and previous phone and iPad covers. I have a week or so to decide the style I would like. Check out our Random Clicks gallery this week (21st September) to see the iPhone in my hand.

I use my phone a lot in the house in the evenings as I am in bed early and this replaces my iPad as my relaxing browse, RSS reading and for viewing Vlogs this is when the larger size really changed my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed a more relaxed, less setting up mode last night. I had taken a few photos during the day although nowhere near as many as I would like to be taking to test the camera (due to pain) setting the camera aside I found App integration very attractive and will look forward to more freedom with widgets as developers write for iOS 8. I read an excellent blog which highlighted some widgets which were new to me and other ones which worked with apps I already have. My world opened even more! I may sound over enthusiastic about details like this but I really do love using my iPhone for so much more than a mobile device.

I have a list of widgets to consider and some I downloaded immediately as I knew for sure they were ones I would use. I won't list them here unless anyone would like to know more details or if anyone has apps or widgets they find to be essential in their toolkit, please comment or get in touch via my contact form

I still haven't upgraded my iPhone 5 or my iPad Air to iOS 8 just need a few things to settle before I do these. I have some weeks of fun ahead as I try to teach dad to use my old iPhone, mainly as a camera which he will always have with him. Who knows maybe he will be on Facebook and Twitter.....I don't think! I need to delete my notes galore and any apps I know would confuse him. We have had a little fun with the new one as dad insists his pockets are big enough for the Plus size ;) maybe he will end up carrying it while I take his sweaters to keep me warm when we get back out again and he carries my kit to give me energy to get back to the car. That's why I really can say 'alongcamedad' :)

My apologies for another blog which doesn't show our adventures but I have to remind myself it's not always possible for me to be out and about. I think I will have to put my brave hat on this week and contact my doctor again. 

We have added new photos to our Random clicks for last week but once again they are taken close to home. Dad isn't sitting still as he is catching up in gardening which is another hobby he really enjoys. 

If you are waiting for your new iPhone, enjoy the anticipation or if you have decided not to buy one this year don't worry as there are new features in iOS 8 to enjoy. My next big purchase is a new MacBook Pro but I am waiting until Yosemite comes installed on it. I really need extra disc space now that dad has joined me in filling up my photo library. 

Thank you for all contact regarding my blog last week. I really appreciate your feedback. Beverley  


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