Rest days

There are times when we all have to admit we can't keep on going at a pace we would like to. The last few weeks I have struggled to keep up with myself although I have managed to take some photos, going out has taken its toll. Suffice to say I have to take things easy for a while. 

I have been doing some creative things on my iPhone or iPad with photos which I hope to upload to a gallery on our home page. I really enjoy using apps when I want to express myself in different ways. It's an escape for me and a source of relaxation if other things get too much for me to cope with.  


Previously I devoted times like this to handcrafts. We have a selection of pictures, cushions, beaded accessories to name but a few displayed around our home. I also have a dolls' house (guilty of boxing it up instead of keeping it on display) with some of twelfth scale handcrafts. Dad has a cupboard full of aran jumpers with a few hints for another one this year. I love to knit, sew and attempting to draw although drawing is mainly on my iPad where I feel the freedom to draw as delete is easy! 

I am currently working in a crochet project, a floppy-eared bunny for a baby gift which I was asked to do. I taught myself to crochet last year and had a slight panic last week when I was asked to crochet a bunny for a specific date but this turned into a blessing as my doctor has told me to rest and I can use this time to crochet the bunny without feeling I am lazy. Thankfully the skills I taught myself last year came back and within a few minutes I was hooked!

Preparing the kit I will need for the bunny project

Preparing the kit I will need for the bunny project

I really need to remind myself that traditional crafts and skills passed down through generations shouldn't be forgotten. I was taught as a very young child to be creative with my hands. A sampler I have sewn is a framed picture on our wall quotes has a quote from Proverbs Ch 31 v 13  

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

I added this verse to my sampler as I feel it reflected my love of craft and gratefulness to have been brought up to appreciate things like this.  

This blog post ended in a different way from my planned idea. I started to type and the above is the result. I know I didn't explain more about my photographic creativity but that's for another day. I have typed about another big part of my life and it's one I ways find refuge in when health and strength aren't on my side. 

I have a bunny to get finished. Maybe he will hop onto the blog before he goes to his owner.  



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