The patience of...

You know the saying 'The patience of Job' well we can add a different slant to this 'the patience of a heron' 

Our patience was tried after many missed photographs, just like the fish that got away, the heron always seemed to get away from us! Time after time we watched in several locations hoping we could get at least one photograph. To our dismay one evening we just arrived as he took flight. That evening a man on Twitter shared his photo of the same heron who posed for him but left when he saw us.   

Last week we just went out for an evening stroll along the Lagan when I was stopped in my tracks and shouted 'dad there's your heron' why did I think he belonged to dad? We couldn't get our cameras out fast enough, well that's what we thought. Dad had to change his lens and just hoped the heron would stay for at least a couple of shots.  

He started on one rock and caught a fish. I hope you can see it in one of the photos. Cameras clicking as he moved up stream and watched for more fish from another crop of rocks. He watched and watched, we stood and watched but he out-watched us! He preened, he stood, he watched. Oh dear could this heron be paying us back for taking his photo by making us stand in damp grass. My feet and hands became colder but I didn't want to miss his flight or maybe he would catch another fish. 


A patient heron, fading light and cold feet triggered us to pack it in and get home. Don't underestimate nature. This heron really did deserve his dinner as he had more patience to wait than we had to linger for longer!

I think dad is wondering if he should have been content with his shot of two cranes at another location when yet again we missed the resident heron. This adventure was more expensive than dad had planned as guess who needs new warm boots if we are going to explore more? Boots ordered! 



The following evening our heron wasn't there as this last shot would suggest a reason why or at least that's what we think. 


Hope you enjoyed this update. There's more to come so call back soon. Beverley and Ivan (dad)

Update: 13.08.014 we have spotted another heron in a different location. Photos to follow soon


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