One man and his dog

An evening walk at Helen's Bay a small village with a neat little beach in county down. It's only about 10 mins drive from our home but we hadn't been there for quite some time. I am testing my new wide angle lens so I couldn't zoom in to take the action (soon to blog about my new lens) although the light and sky wasn't on our side last night we met a man and his dog, Bridie. 

Bridie our new friend Fuji x20

I watched as Bridie arrived before her owner and plonked herself in the middle of a pool of water. Sitting with her ears perked up just waiting for her evening session of fun catching, dipping and diving in the sea! My lens wasn't long enough to capture the first shots and dad was wandering about somewhere. Eventually I found dad who had been sneaking photos of me!  I hoped he could get some photos of Bridie but didn't realise we would soon be chatting to Bridie's owner who was more than happy for us to take some photos.

We soon got chatting about cameras and photography. It was such a pleasant end to our evening. Poor Bridie had to sit and wait for her next session of diving. Unfortunately the poor light wasn't on our side for setting the camera for speed shots which really needed more light therefore the photos didn't turn out as sharp as we would have preferred to share. We still wanted to post the shots on our blog as we were so grafeful to have permission to take the photos and Bridie was trained to wait until we were ready to shoot.

I had my little Fuji x20 with me so I manged to take a couple of portrait shots to show how intelligent and cute our new friend Bridie is.  We will let the gallery speak for itself and hope some evening we will meet again when the light and sky are more conducive to setting the speed on our cameras for action shots and have a lot clearer splashes to show just how much Bridie expended her energy.

Fuji x20

Our sincere thanks to Ala'a (sorry if I have the spelling wrong of both names) I managed to snap a photo of Ala with my iPhone as dad chatted to him. We will be more than happy to email some photos of Bridie would like them. Just use our contact form to let us know your email address.

Once again being out with our cameras brings us in touch with strangers who ar so friendly and all add to Northern Ireland's reputation for friendliness. Our evening didn't end here as we met another group on our way back to the car, check out our Random clicks on our home page next week as you might just see the photo we got with a selfie tag ;)


Thank you for reading and many thanks to Bridie for her performance


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