Pottering about Rowallane

The sight of a blue sky after torrential rain in Saturday was enough to entice us to make use of our newly acquired membership of the National Trust. Approx 25mins drive later we were in the grounds of Rowallane, noted for it's rhododendron although wrong season to see the display. 

Rowallane Count Down National Trust Property

I was suffering from complete exhaustion so it was just a short visit on Sunday afternoon. First mistake was to change into summer clothes and sandals. I wasn't long back to the car for my socks and boots. Always prepared I am!

Another second hand book shop to browse. Dad got books this time. I opted for a funny photo of a typical man with his socks and sandals ;)   

The highlight of our trip was watching the potter in his shed working. He was very kind to let us take photographs. I really enjoyed this bit although our cameras struggled with the lighting. Lessons quickly learned and my Fuji x20 came to the rescue of my confidence until I sorted my Canon out.  I was pleasantly surprised after my quick lesson in adjusting my speed that my Canon 550D images reflected the tones I saw while in this little pottery. I could have stayed there longer but there were other visitors who needed to see the potter, Matt Liddle who also takes commissions for his beautiful work. We bought two items which I particularly liked as I have an obsession with small cups and dishes.

Rowallane is somewhat quieter and smaller than Casle Ward but it's close to home so we plan to visit throughout the season. Friendly staff made us feel welcome. It's amazing how many people just start to chat when they see our cameras, or maybe it's when they recognise dad! Interesting people with stories to tell. Families enjoying the outdoor space reminding us how friendly we are in Northern Ireland. People just want to chat and have been inquisitive about why we are taking so many photos. 

Dad pretended he couldn't hear when I spied a bike I would love to own but know in reality I wouldn't go too far. He made the excuse that the bike was black and white when I had told him I wanted a pink one with a basket.

A new lens has just been delivered so keep coming back to see how I get along with testing out my new lens.

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