Discovering nature's fruits is a wonderful experience. This year so far we have added raspberries, blackberries and yesterday to our joy we found a haven of Parasol mushrooms just because we had to back track our walk as I had lost the case for my sunglasses!

We saw the mushrooms in the dome shape alongside the ones which had flattened out to resemble a parasol.  At first photos were our main priority but when we went back to the car and looked in our book we found they were actually edible. Back we went with weary feet as dad was keen to try our discovery although he had to wait until today before he tasted the mushroom I cooked for him.

Parasol Mushroom : from nature's larder

I searched a little for the best way to bring out the flavour and can now add his recipe to my collection of food dad really enjoys. Whilst the mushroom is edible there is a warning to cook it before eating. I sautèed it in some clarified butter then added a dash of Worcester sauce with some garlic I had crushed earlier. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar along with some home made chicken stock and reduced the sauce down before serving with home grown herbs of rosemary, marjoram and with a touch of wild rocket and finished with a twist of lemon. I guess I will be repeating this tomorrow with the second half of the mushroom as dad assures me it was perfect and full of flavours. Best of all nature provided this mushroom free. 

Foraged with the Mourne Mountains as my backdrop

I made blackberry jelly with out foraged blackberries without added sugar. I use Agar an extract of seaweed which allows me to serve the jelly hot or cold. Another favourite which dad enjoyed. 

I might add some more foraged food if we keep finding produce in nature's larder.

I would share the flavour with all of you if I could but today I can only share the photo of how I served dad's Sunday brunch. Beverley  

We foraged, I made

Two in a boat