Two in a boat

This blog post has been delayed a little mainly due to the fact I couldn't think about boats for a few days as I was feeling unwell and the thought of a boat would really have sent my balance totally off kilter!

I think we all know by now dad started with Wallees and didn't stop with his antics. Well I didn't think there was much left for him to do or involve me in things he would have told me off for when I was a lot smaller. A pleasant day out was drawing to a close. We sat on a rock viewing over Strangford Lough, reflecting on the day we had spent together. I was taking a few photos of our surroundings with my iPhone when the next thing I saw was Cpt. Ivan. The boat that was tied up at the quay was dad's new toy! 

I don't know how I managed to take any photos as I couldn't stop laughing. I will let you view the crew as guess who he decided he could bring along on his new adventure? I can just be thankful I didn't find the starter button otherwise there could have been 'man overboard'.

One last photo : Do you think this might be next?  

Two on a bike?

Two on a bike?

My sea legs proved they couldn't stand up as I spent the next few days feeling unwell and my balance was affected, perhaps I was still on that boat! 

Please call back just to check I am still around. I am beginning to think twice about why I decided it would be good to say 'along came dad' 


CraftFest 2014