The things I have to do for a photo shoot

It's lovely to live so close to coast and country and when we just need an evening stroll we often find ourselves at some part of the Lagan. Last night we decided to park at Minnowburn and walk along to Shaw's Bridge although we didn't anticipate a torrential downpour last night! I really think dad was back to find his heron but another unknown fact I have found out about dad is he loves to take photos of dogs in action! We have never had a dog, just cats and they adopted us. Dad had a dog a long time back and perhaps this is why he finds them a subject to click.

We met three Springers at the start of our walk, Darcy, Millie and Jessie. Two chocolate drops and one white with brown markings. The three were frolicking about in the river enjoying themselves to the full. One was most interested in dad's camera and I could envisage some paw marks on his cream trousers, how he avoided them I do not know although I have to say I am timorous of dogs that jump and I'm sure you can guess who they choose to jump up on! I escaped last night as I tried to keep my distance but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs being exercised. I am relieved it wasn't me as I was already very cold and the look of the water wasn't my idea of fun. Unfortunately we were in a very shaded part, the dogs moved fast and the photos just weren't bright enough but we both will remember how much fun they had with their owner and his little girl who was up to beyond her wellie boots in water too. A father with plenty of washing to do later ;)

We strolled along after the deluge (heron spotting although I don't know where he would have perched as the Lagan was roaring along) Along our path came an unbelievable sight. Another Springer but this time with a branch in his mouth! He sure wasn't too keen when he saw dad, I think he thought his branch was in danger. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what Gizmo was carrying and kept on carrying along the path. We stopped and spoke to his owner and her friend who filled us in on Gizmo's name and how he wasn't too keen on people but would carry the branch home. It was lovely to chat along the way and to let the girls know we would blog about Gizmo today. 

We hope when they visit they will enjoy seeing the shots they could only view on the camera screen last night. Thank you to Gizmo for entertaining us and to his owner for permitting us to feature Gizmo on our blog today. 

If Gizmo would like his photos in a larger size please leave your paw print email address via our Contact page


We are meeting and greeting more people each day and enriching our knowledge of the area we live in and chatting with people who we would normally just pass by with an 'hello' or 'hiya'. Our cameras in hand we will go on to our next adventure and maybe meet some others to share their story. 

Just to prove I am normally the one dogs decide to use as a springboard! 

Yes it is summer and I am wearing my winter force Barbour and fleece lined boots 

Yes it is summer and I am wearing my winter force Barbour and fleece lined boots 

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