Learning again

Ivan to the left, Henry to the right 

Ivan to the left, Henry to the right 

Dad has accomplished a lot of things in his life but didn't embrace new technology. He encouraged me to keep ahead as long as I didn't ask him to help me out!

Things started to change when I 'thoughtfully' registered him with a photo sharing app that I love called OKDOTHIS. The community there welcomed dad and now I can't stop him from taking photos plus some sneaky photos of me too! 

Dad always loved his camera. I was never confident enough to really enjoy photography although that changed when I got an iPhone. Today I take three cameras out and love to be creative with some of my shots. 

Whereas dad teaches me to use my DSLR he is back to learning his ABCs of a life online.  

Most of all we have super fun and sometimes laugh so much I am convinced people watch and wonder what on earth we are doing! 


Head boy

iPhone macro