Acting season

At last I can reveal dad's real reason for taking me to Castle Ward, well it might have been if either of us had read the books or watched the series, although we did know some of the filming took place here.

Castle Ward was the prime location for Winterfell. 820 acres of woodland providing the backdrop for haunting scenes. We hope to take scenic photographs on our next visit. 

There are several locations within travelling distance which were used for filming the series. Perhaps we will visit more although a longer term ambition as I just don't have the stamina to travel too much.  

We had a surprise in store on this visit as Clearsky Adventure have set up a replica of the archery range for tourists, complete with costumes. Guess who nearly got his head chopped off? Who knows maybe a staring part for a further series. Keep watching as you never know there might be a scene where dad comes along!  

Did this man know dad would keep smiling even with a sword so close. I am just thankful the man didn't decide it was my head he wanted! I used to get chosen by pantomime characters to lift and throw about (people dressed up in character still scare me to this day). At least this time I only had to click my iPhone. I still can't believe this is dad taking part in the fun as he was a man who stayed away from anything like this and here he us right up to his ears in the drama or maybe it was fright that made me smile. 



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