What next?

I am going to divide this blog post up into a few episodes which is quite applicable as our day trip took us to Castle Ward the setting for the filming of the 'Game of Thrones'

Let me admit at the outset neither of us have watched the series or read any chapters of the book. Aside from this I think dad got a part in the next series! All will be revealed through the blog. 

An unexpected spell of hot, sunny weather give the both of us the opportunity to go a little further than our normal trips. We decided to visit a National Trust Estate Castle Ward in Strangford. I had no idea the long afternoon out would have given me so much to blog about but I should have realised nothing is simple or without fun when dad comes along. 

A long trip for us is about 45mins drive from our home (see we really do need to get out more although this is about the furthest I can go just now and it was a major event for me) Castle Ward has the most beautiful mansion house but due to unforeseen events (which I will recount as our story unfolds) we only saw the house on the way in and the way out and we don't have a photograph! We hope to compensate for this as we plan to go back for more visits. Hopefully throughout the season we will add more photos of the estate when we complete our membership which was another big fail yesterday. We hope to resolve this and become members of The National Trust.

We enjoyed coffee in a quaint, eclectic style coffee house within the stable yard. Old books lined the bookcase to browse and these can be purchased as there is the most wonderful second hand book shop the same stable yard. We are both looking forward to visiting the bookshop again as it had the most wonderful stock of second hand books. We both love to read and both of us love titles of books too. I bought a little book, well dad plonked it down for me to buy. I wonder why he thought I needed God's little book of Calm? Actually after yesterday I realise I do need to find the switch to turn off especially when I am out in such a beautiful environment.

The laundry room was extremely interesting, photos will follow. Big surprise when dad could recount some of the old irons yet he doesn't know what the one we have with steam and an electricity plug is for today ;) 

I could type so much but will end this part of the blog soon and continue with a few more anecdotes over a few days. I couldn't post this one without some sort of sneaky shots of dad. High old stone walls blocking the view just had to be climbed to photograph the scenery. It's hard to imagine that just over a year ago dad had a walking stick and couldn't go anywhere which had stairs! His energy just went on and on and in the next part of our blog I will recount why dad almost forgot he had brought me along!

Thank you for reading if you got this far (need to teach myself to stop writing as I really could write a book but this is a blog!) I would welcome you back to read the rest of our day. Subscribe via RSS or email if you want to know when the next part is published. I find Feedly app keeps most of the format. That's it for now Beverley 

Climb every……wall!

My mind is full as I plan more blogs, please let me know if I blog too much or make the posts too long. We only need to go out and I find I have more content which I would like to post. We will be adding photos to our galleries too. Oh dear I thought I had stopped typing then I added more……..

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