Path man

The next episode from our day out to Castle Ward. We were given literature on arrival and invited to a ground floor your of the mansion but little did we know at that time we wouldn't be back to see inside or even have time to take a portrait shot of the mansion. 

Dad visited the Tack room but all I saw was a dark inside as I had lost dad at this stage. Thankful some American tourists came to my rescue by letting me know where the 'gentleman!' with the camera had gone. 

Steps challenge, before facing the never ending path…..

It may surprise you to read for the next hour or more neither of us have any photos. Well this is due to the fact dad saw a path and his curiosity to see where the path led set our feet on a long, long narrow, winding path. I can feel my pain as I type this! When I am at home I have my routine and know exactly what times things need to be done but when we are out I have my trust in dad to be the guide with his GPS being a lot better than mine.  

I followed dad thinking we would soon be back at the car as our intention was to take out receipt to the information house as we had discussed joining the National Trust knowing we have a website to update and we could visit places during the year to record on our site. We would have been refunded the entrance we paid that day when we signed up. The path went on until dad decided it didn't twist round to the direction he thought. About turn! 

If only I could have enjoyed the scenery but my breath was more important and my strength was draining with each step. Photos just didn't happen as I began to sense dad really didn't know how long this path went on for. My heart dropped when the trail map came out, oh dear I think he thought we were on the trail bikes!  

Guess which path we took?

Guess which path we took?

Beast of burden was soon employed as I needed the bit of energy I had left to try to get back to the car. We didn't even have a drink of water with us! I knew there was something wrong when dad started to retrace our steps. I could hardly function so dad had to carry my gear with his. I didn't want to stop and rest as I knew I wouldn't start again. Dad tried to distract my mind about the distance by announcing 'oh we are at this point already'. Note the signs along the way. A field with a bull, was this really the way? 

Oh, dad was so thoughtful he would leave me at the house and he would go to the car to get our receipt. Not! The house, the cafe, the book shop all closed! White face here, red face for dad. 

A warden tidying the grounds confirmed my thoughts they had all gone home and there was no one there to register our membership. I was extremely tired and our car was all alone in the vacated park.  

I have to wear a high factor sunblock and by this stage I needed more. Disaster as dad offered to do the back of my neck. I ended up with a thick white patch and a ruined t-shirt as he can't rub cream in! Oh well maybe I should have told him it was a mineral one and he wouldn't have the patience to rub it in ;) that's why I buy dad a gel sunscreen!

Before we drove to a beautiful spot overlooking Strangford Lough to have a picnic dad just happened to comment as he was still full of energy and I do believe would have gone back along that path. He knows my limits but his comment "I will have to rember I brought you along"  worries me.......maybe I should chatter more along the way as he really wouldn't forget I was there!

I will be posting a final blog about this day and hopefully the next time we visit we will have some photos of the house!

Thank you for reading : Beverley




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