A day to remember

The next instalment of our day out with details of the laundry rooms. Next time we should have scenic photographs of the area which we didn't capture on camera due to dad almost forgetting he brought me along!

I hope you can see from the photos I have chosen how difficult and how much physical energy was expended just to wash clothes. Today we can wash our clothes at the flick of a switch although I have to say sometimes it's only a household block of soap that dissolves the dirt and grime. I actually order an old fashioned soap online as I give up on some of the wonder liquids and powders but I do use a washing machine after that.

I spent quite a while in the laundry rooms and know I would like to go back. At least I can look at the different displays without the need to be hiking about. I don't have the energy to keep on walking but don't want to stop dad enjoying his day. Don't tell him I am taking time to study while trying to rest and he can go into the stable yard to find something else to take photos off. This type of post may not be of interest to everyone who reads our blog but I can't get away from my love of textiles, tradition and crafts. I just need to rest more when we are out like this. I might have a few blogs about things I enjoy outside of our fun photo shoots.

Castle Ward's stable yard is the perfect zone to amble and look inside display rooms or the gift shop. The book shop is amazing and we hope to add books to their selection. Isn't it great to browse second hand books hoping to find a title someone dismissed but you know it's a book that's rare or just hard to find? e-books may be the scene today but nothing replaces a book with real pages.

There is one more thing I will blog next before this visit is complete. It will feature fun from dad's department......can anyone guess?  

I will leave you to think, wonder and think just like Dr Seuss  




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