University Challenge

Well I have once again been involved in some fun when all I wanted was to visit Queen's University when the sky was blue and white clouds added the background to a photograph I had anticipated. 

I think I should know by now a simple request soon turns into an unexpected adventure. Dad can't resist an unlocked door and whoever was in charge of this section shouldn't have left one or two open! 

The evening started fine with both of us taking photos but then dad found unlocked doors. There was a group of tourists being shown round outside while I was taken inside (off the tourist route) to see what else we could find!

The first part of the hallway was easy to access. We had some fun with the statue of Galileo after we took the serious shots. I was led astray by dad whose curiosity to see what was in rooms which are normally locked led us on a new adventure.

We went up the beautiful carpets staircase hoping we looked like 'tourists.' The carpet looked brand new or it had just been cleaned when the University was closed for the summer. I only wanted a photo of some wall art but up above me I could hear feet on a wooden floor. Yes, it was dad off exploring! 

My shots were quick but I think they will show there's never a dull moment when dad comes along! Beverley

What next?

Why dad comes along