Why dad comes along

Well I know I am happy dad is joining in online and on our website but maybe I should explain a little about our domain name. 

Along came dad

Along came dad


We had different names as I'm sure you can imagine but there was one which seemed to fit better than the others. Yes, dad came along to OKDOTHIS and as a result he has caught the photography bug but the other reason I let dad come along is a bit more personal. 

We start out for our walk with rucks fully equipped with cameras, lens and all those things photographers carry plus a few extra things in mine like lip balm, hand wash, cloths, purse, brush, sunblock shhhhh don't ever tell dad!

After a while I start to slow down, my ruck gets heavier, I start to go very pale as I feel extremely tired. Just as well dad came along because he carries my ruck when the going gets tough! 

Homeward bound

Oh another reason dad comes along. He gets warm, I get cold so as a thank you for carrying my gear. I take his sweater (yes, the one he is wearing) which I then put on under any layers I am wearing. I suppose you could say that I am helping by lighten dad's load. As well as a beast of burden, he is a walking wardrobe!

'Along came dad' just seemed apt. 

We hope you will remember it and bookmark our site. 


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