B-log man

I know people must think we travel about a lot when in fact we sometimes only go a short distance from home and may only be out for a brief period of time. Last night was one of those evenings when I didn't have much energy left but still wanted to get out in the air. We were going to another place but then we decided to stay much closer to home even though we thought we wouldn't get a chance to use our cameras but we always go prepared.

Anyone who knows us from OKDOTHIS will remember dad's 'Wallee' portraits. We have had so much fun doing these and still do but last night we created our concept in a new DO Loggees! Action man was soon paddling through a stream to reach the other side as I wanted to take him in several places along the log. Yes, I am the boss when it comes to directing portrait shots (dad is worried he will need to pack a case with clothes to match the scene) This time his outfit suited the bark on the log for my shot. It didn't matter his feet were getting wet, it's a natural scene after all!

Move along I just need you at the other side!

Off dad goes, along the log.

I can't stand here too long as I think I hear people coming along the path!

Hang on, I am just trying this tap to focus  on my iPhone and wondering if I would be best to change my Canon. Ok we didn't have time for me to decide as dad knows how many things are in my camera bag to sort through.

Relax it's almost over

Ok I think I have it although I might come back with my Canon ready for action. This was my iPhone, I was tired and cold and I didn't want to get my feet wet! 

Dad's outfit blended nicely with the tones of nature. Am I the only one who thinks like this? My mind was too full before we went out but as soon as I saw this photo opportunity my creativity took over and I started to add ideas and notes for a blog post of dad on his b-log.

A Beverley-log!

Why dad comes along

Click and tap