iPhone macro

A selection of images taken with my iPhone 5 and an Ōlloclip macro lens. 

I completed a 365 photo a day challenge in 2013. I took all my photos with an iPhone and during the summer months I made use of the macro lens getting close to flowers and insects (something I didn't think I would be so close too, especially the moth!)

I selected a few which I hadn't archived to add to a gallery in our blog. 

The Ōlloclip I have is the three in one but I really only use the macro lens. I am waiting patiently to see the new iPhone this year before considering upgrading my extra lens. 

I enjoyed the project but my style has changed when I look back on some if the photos I took. I didn't have to wonder if I would continue to take photos as OKDOTHIS app arrived in iTunes and it's full of the inspiration I need to keep taking photos and make use of my other cameras too. 

If you don't think you could do a photo a day without help I would highly recommend downloading OKDOTHIS if you have an iPhone  


Nature's fine details


Nature's finery

Learning again

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