Click and tap

Our journey continues and as we go we have noticed we are always seeing a photo opportunity everywhere! Oh to relax having coffee made for me but no here we are waiting for coffee to be served and look what we are doing. The camera never lies and now this mirror reflects the truth of our resting.

Dont worry we really do chat, actually I probably chat too much and it's dad who needs a rest from me. I am super quiet if in a crowd but dad sometimes has to listen to too much chatting.  

On this occasion it was a new coffee shop we had just found. We are every fussy about coffee shops and only have a select list of ones we visit now. I love coffee but don't understand why shops who specialise in coffee still don't recognise the size an espresso should be. If it comes served in a huge cup that puts me off immediately!

The lady who has opened this shop Kaffe-O has based the design and atmosphere on Nordic coffee shops. There is a wonderful depth to the coffee served in stylish cups.  Completely different from chemed (another favourite) but this made a nice change. I fell in love with the coffee cups in here and was delighted to find they had them for sale, oh yes I bought a few to add to my collection. 

We loved the style of this shop although it's tiny and wasn't too conducive to taking photographs (lighting not the best) but it's a coffee shop! It is a different shop from the others on our list and a return visit will be made especially as I might need more cups. 

I think there might be more coffee shops appearing on our blog but they have to be special and serve wonderful coffee, in the right cups! 


Guess who? Ivan the boss with miss tip, tap, tip, polite fingers!

The other side of the shop with lovely wooden chairs in Pantone colours.  

B-log man

Head boy