Last blog post 2014

To say Christmas was a dream is speaking literally as I feel I have slept through most of it. I must have caught the season's bug which still hasn't left me but I felt the need to update our blog before sleeping again. I just wanted to add this post to thank everyone who participated by commenting or appearing on our blog. We have built up some wonderful memory days which we will treasure. 

We don't have any new photos to add tonight. My camera has remained in its bag and I haven't been out to even attempt photography.  Dad has been out and about buying things we needed. He deserves some time out with his camera and as soon as I feel better we will start the new year with our cameras exploring new and old places. Please check back to see what we find. 

Trusting we will start afresh in 2015 but at the moment all I know is there really is no place like home. My thought tonight is focused on a quote 'Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God'  

Thank you for supporting both of us in 2014 



Stepping back in time