Stepping back in time

Saturday 29th November was a date marked in our calendar to go back to Whitehead the town we visited a few weeks ago. To read about our first visit check out our blog entry on the 16th of November.


From the outset of this blog we would make clear the people in our photos were taking part in a Victorian Street Fair event organised by the Whitehead community. As readers of our blog will know we don't live in Whitehead although as we picked up a leaflet when we first visited a few weeks ago we attended the fair. Through our photos we hope to share the experience of this well organised event. If anyone is reading our blog and sees a photo of themselves please use our contact form and we would be more than happy to send a larger size of the photo by email. We are also aware some may not wish their photos to be on the blog and will remove these on request. We trust everyone who put their heart into the day will be pleased with our photographic memory of the event.

Once again I wasn't too sure about going when the day arrived and I can add that dad had some doubts too as street fairs aren't exactly what we are comfortable with. Both of us are more reserved and feel out of place at most public events. The saying 'Curiosity killed the cat' filled our minds as we tired to be part of a big event in Belfast this year. It was Culture night which is a success for many people but I only lasted for less than an hour while dad went on longer but we came to the conclusion that our meaning of culture must be old fashioned as we didn't feel we were part of this extremely crowded, noisy event.

Curiosity tempted us again, which is why my last minute, stay at home or go somewhere we can be on our on took full flight on Saturday. Dad reassured me that it didn't matter if things didn't work out, we would learn and would know to stay at home next year. After a few hours wandering about the street which was lined with people in Victorian dress, complete with old prams, ice cream carts, a working blacksmith and the train station bringing together the atmosphere. How wrong our initial doubts were as this was a community who brought families together enjoying side shows and the shops which opened up to welcome everyone in the Victorian style. 

Both of us enjoyed being free to take photos even if we weren't dressed up (will encourage dad to find his Victorian suit for next year........?) A community spirit lit up the event, there really was something for everyone. We weren't there for the full time but enjoyed the time we spent taking photos. I still can't carry my ruck with my camera gear but took along my Crumpler bag. A long story but it was on our way back to the car I needed something in my bag only to discover it wasn't across my body! My heart dropped, my feet raced back to The Bank House coffee shop and despite the dense crowd going in and out the staff had kept my bag and brought it out to me. I am so thankful to whoever found it and to the staff who kept it safe. We had enjoyed coffee in this shop, I loved the way mine was served on a little tray with accompanied by a glass of water. Despite an extremely busy service both coffees were served with care and most of all a friendly smile.

This part of the shop with the gift shop were coping with crowds yet still took time to speak to people. The wool shop, Lighthouse Yarns I blogged about last time was full and busy which was wonderful to see. Staff dressed for the theme of the day, lending their part to the spirit of the day. Once again I left my worries at the door as my mind escaped in this is a treasure trove for me and to my surprise I discovered the lady knew us! A few more purchases made, my day was complete.

The blacksmith in our photos wasn't just showing his skills for the special day. He is one of the few working blacksmiths continuing in this skill. Both of us were amazed watching as he hammered the metal, shaping his finished designs. I knew dad would love this but I was intrigued as his skill was incredible. A memory we wouldn't forget. Details about the Aaron's work as a blacksmith

I mentioned the quote about  'Curiosity and the cat' well just as we left we found the curious cat who performed his part of making sure we left Whitehead knowing he was the boss of his domain. 

king cat

Please use our contact form if you would like to have any of the photos we may have taken of you. As this is a blog post the photos are a lot smaller. It is possible with permission we will upload the photos to one of our galleries on the home page to show how the community dressed and participated in their event. Well done to all involved as we enjoyed the opportunity to capture the day through our camera lens.

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