How many times do we think that everyone else lives in countries which are full of photographic opportunities? I know I feel this way from time to time when I view photos from across the world, where everything is stunning, mountains so high or huge expanses of oceans. It's after I see photos like this I feel I have nothing spectacular to share. I am annoyed with myself as no matter where we live we have places we can go and refresh our minds to see the beauty around us, in fact we don't even have to travel too far from our doorsteps.


Both of us needed a break out of the house. Tuesday was a beautiful chilly but bright afternoon. We didn't want to go too far so we decided to go to Minnowburn, just alongside Shaw's Bridge. We have been here so often, treading the same paths but today the beauty of nature was evident. At first I felt that my iPhone wasn't going to show the beauty we saw, at this stage I regretted not bringing my DSLR. I wasn't going to let this ruin our afternoon as we just needed quality time with each other. We walked the path enjoying the glow of the golden leaves remaining on some of the trees. Both of us stopped to click as we wanted to capture memories of the same place we have been to but in different seasons. I don't even think words could describe how beautiful this small area was. We chatted as we walked, didn't hurry and I tried to forget any worries. 

Shaw's Bridge

We took the path alongside and under Shaw's Bridge. We have photos in our main gallery of the bridge and the Lagan. This year we have witnessed the Lagan so low in water people were sitting on rocks in the middle. Today the water was high and rapid, there wouldn't have been a chance of standing anywhere close to the middle as the water was rapid at the point where we watched the kayak stunts. We kept walking until we reached the Lock Keeper's cottage and the part of the canal which they are refurbishing the boat which will eventually run trips along the Lagan. We had been there the day after the boat arrived so were keen to see the changes. Workmen were still about but the boat has been painted and was sitting with its reflection shown in the water. We couldn't move the van to take the photos!  

Reflections: Boat being refurbished for future tourism 

I had a look in and a view out of the cottage. The little window was sitting pretty just asking me to take a photo, which off course I did. Nature was all around us, in between seasons but still had the autumnal hues glowing to boost us as we wandered along. How many times have we been to this area, yet today we saw new things which brought both of us closer to nature. There are things we never see, unless we walk to them.


I was waiting for dad and spied some graffiti! Now this wasn't natural and it wasn't intentional art which is used to decorate different places today. There lay the remains of a building with some outhouses. I don't think we should have been so close but the sign was practically at the place we went to investigate. Just at the side of our nature walk bright, bold colours, words, pictures, broken things, a complete contrast! This really did make me think although I would have preferred just to enjoy the beauty of the walk we had detoured off there was a few details in this contrasting scene which give nature a flag to fly as out of brokenness and devastation a few pretty daisy type flowers decorated the barren land. No, we didn't bring the frames with us, these seemed to be freezer shelves which had smashed glass lying about (the empty, upturned freezers were there too) a single flower peeked at the side of one of the famed while another had several making use of the not so natural picture frame. 

Back to our path and a little stop to have coffee in the Lock Keeper's Inn. It was busy but it was pleasing to see groups of elderly ladies who had walked along the path and were sitting enjoying a cup of tea. Mothers with babies, boyfriends with girlfriends, a friendly atmosphere after the rush of the lunch service which apparently this Inn is known for. I was really in there to use the facilities and warm up! Other people mustn't have been so cold as they were sitting at the tables provided outside on the grass. 

Lock Keeper's Cottage

This was a lovely afternoon to remember and yes, I feel our little land has scenery which we should be happy to share. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of our afternoon as seen though the lens of our cameras. I definitely would share the first fun selfie I took with dad! He really is still as much fun as when he first came along and our site was born.

Final contrast, nature always wins. Beauty out of destruction. 

Is there anything that is better than to be out, walking in the clear air?

Two cups of coffee

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