Jaunt around Castle Ward

Just a short blog to share my first afternoon out this weekend. We decided to go along to Castle Ward's Pumpkin Festival. We knew the event would be family focussed with pumpkin carving for the children. We had to park in a field as car loads of families arrived to enjoy their day. We hoped we would remember where the car was when we returned. 

Families went prepared with children clad in their wellington boots. Thankfully the day was dry although the kids made use of their boots by dancing in puddles! Castle Ward had the event well managed from the parking of cars right through to men clearing up rubbish non stop. This made me think as without those men the event would have had a different appearance as sometimes people forget to use bins for their rubbish. I just wonder how many people considered how important and hard working these men were?

I admit I am absolutely terrified of anyone dressed up not to mention the theme this season brings. I didn't have anything to fear at this event as it was specifically pumpkins and scarecrows which didn't move. We spent a little time in the stable yard which was full of people eating and drinking from the stalls around this part. Our bonus for the day was buying apples to bring home from the man we know who has his own orchard in county Armagh. Russet apples without sprays and that sticky feeling on so many shop bought apples today. We brought a supply home to store as his apples are always so good. 

We left the crowds who were thoroughly enjoying themselves with numerous food suppliers serving all sorts of food most people enjoy albeit some not so healthy. Our little walk around the grounds was enjoyable as we took our time considering both of us were recovering from a not so good week. I had my rechargeable hand warmers in my pockets and can confirm in this early testing the heat was enough to keep me feeling comfortable and free from the pain of cold hands. 

Just as we were leaving a horse and carriage appeared. I thought I would be too late to get a decent photo as my iPhone was in its new bag (yes, a new bag really was needed to leave room in my pockets for those hand warmers) I managed to click a photo to add a memory for this festival. Families enjoying a wonderful day in this beautiful setting, with the bonus of a blue sky. What more could I ask for on this afternoon out after being at home for so long?

I have added a few photos into my 6 Plus gallery, just random ones as I still need to feel a lot better to keep clicking. We stopped on our way home for a cup of Liquorice and Peppermint tea with time to chat and finalise our decision about some new  products (not Armagh ones this time) a blog for another day. 

A final admission from me…….as we approached Castle Ward in the car I looked down at my feet only to discover I had forgotten to change my boots into my outdoor Uggs. I keep an old pair of Uggs to wear about the house in the day time instead of slippers otherwise I would have had real slippers on and would not have been able to get out of the car to walk round the event! I wasn't happy with my worn in Uggs on but they really did look better than actual slippers. I am putting a pair of boots in the car in case this happens to me again.

Carving to inspire

Festival of Light