To say things haven't been going to plan would possibly help explain why our blog has been quiet recently. I miss not updating about the things we do and see plus the fact I haven't been able to enjoy taking photographs for a little while. 

Sometimes I have to cope with health issues and recently there has been one thing after another. When my iPhone still shows 100% battery at bedtime I think that's suffice to explain I haven't been feeling too good.  

Staying indoors listening to books or knitting another jumper pattern. These indoor activities have had to replace our adventures out and about. I have started a cable style jumper in one colour of wool. It is a luxuriously soft Alpaca wool which I am really looking forward to finishing and wearing. I love the brand name 'Juniper Moon Farm' purchased from the wool shop I discovered recently. Dad had the task of unwinding and rolling the 100 grm skeins. 

I really enjoy knitting cables as I know that as soon as I learn the twists and turns I can relax when I am knitting without having to watch the pattern or read a chart. There's a nice balance of pattern sets to complete without the tedium of plain knitting row after row. I needed this as I am trying to avoid too many headaches which were more severe when I had to work from the tiny charted design. Don't worry dad will be getting his next. Pattern chosen and the wool has been ordered. Put your name down soon if you would like one next! 

We hope to be out soon to take more photos before all the leaves have fallen and autumn has lost its colours. We are also looking forward to The Festival of Light which is due to start at the end of this month. Our tickets are for the first weekend in November. We hope the weather will be on our side and we can share the experience through our photography. 


Jaunt around Castle Ward

Plus and minus