From there to here

My mind has been taken over with noise, demanding voices, I have been evicted, retreating into myself to find the silence I need. To question what is happening in this noisy world and why this noise moved me out of my mind to seek solace out of confusion, the constant beat of the drums overwhelming me. I need space to roll out my mind.

Around December

Updated: 14.12.2018 photo added. It has been a few months from my last blog. I haven’t forgotten about it but a lot has been happening or not a lot has been happening, whichever way I think about it. I just wanted to say ‘hello’ today and add a short post before December races along and we find ourselves in 2019.

Slow Fashion October

The news and social media have been focusing on ‘fast fashion’ and the conversation around slow fashion October has really made me think. I have never been a person to desire cheap, throw away clothes although I admit to buying more clothes than I need and knitting ‘just because’