Breathing spaces

Today I have a blog which I feel takes us back to the days our blog started, a few days before our blog anniversary, 21st July. The recent spell of hot weather wasn't what most people would think, days when we could go out with our cameras. It was actually too hot and too bright to be out safely in the sunshine and for actual photographs. The evenings stayed bright and warm which prompted us to go out for a stroll along instead of me sitting trying to complete any knit alongs! I am particularly sun sensitive so I was covered in a high factor despite the evening hour. We didn't travel far but the times we had brought both of us breathing space found in local parks also known as breathing spaces. 

Tree lined

We walked, we talked, we observed, we stopped, we even sat down last night which was a different experience for both of us! I didn't yield to the temptation of checking my iPhone, instead I enjoyed breathing and the immense closeness to nature when I walk amongst trees. I have a few very close friends I have made online who I thought a lot about as they needed extra care recently. I had these friends on my mind and and set all their cares free in the atmosphere I was enjoying when we went for our walk. Always remember to be the one who asks others if they need help and support, no matter where they are in the world as this the of friendship endures.


Be still (thinking about friends)

I had my macro lens on but didn't feel any pressure to take photos, yet when the opportunity arose, my passion returned and with close observation of nature, the joy of finding tiny creatures, hiding amongst, most dead wild flowers was a precious memory to sum up our evenings when we only went for a walk in the park.

One of the parks we have passed by so often in the car but to our shame have never stopped to see what was there. It was a most relaxing experience with grass and trees all around. Scope for us to wander, people watch with dog walker watching and chatting too. Children payed quietly with their parents, couples sat on the perimeter enjoying the sun or reading books. The thought occurred to me that this would have been the perfect setting to sit and knit! Maybe one evening we will go back with my Porter bag full and dad will bring one of his many books, a complete break from routine. Dad reminded me about my pattern file and big notepad but all would fit into my porter bin which he could carry as I would take my black one! I could use my field bag to keep my wool clean.

lady reading

Whose back?

We stopped at the park we kept going back to in previous years and it was here that I found the spotted and dotted. I will let the photos speak as our hearts rejoiced when we lost count of how many ladybirds were settling down to sleep in the tall spikes of cow parsley flowers (ladybugs in the USA) One was so tiny both of us marvelled at how all the distinguishing details were evident on the 'smaller than a grain of rice' bug....Thou hasn't created all things (Revelation 4:11)


Spotted and dotted



Today is duller and both of us are pleased we took the opportunity and I stopped checking online to enjoy an evening with dad coming along. I hope you will feel the freedom both of us felt and remember the breathing spaces, close to your home. Thank you for reading and viewing our blog Beverley

One pattern, two yarns

A sooner than expected addition to my blog, under instruction from my photographer. The previous blog was behind the scenes and this one shows the photos we had set out to take at our chosen location. I will add a photo at the end to show the same top knit in the original wool, Isager Spinni Tweed. As most will know who have seen my knitting projects I love the various weights of wool from Brooklyn Tweed. How could I resist when they introduced a lace weight version of their wool? A summer lace KAL has started via social media and their group on Ravelry to knit along with others using the wool or one of their patterns. I started my first project as soon as Vale was launched and this was acceptable as part of the KAL. I have another cardigan on my needles to knit along although most people are knitting intricate lace shawls, my style is more for a top to wear and I adapted my gauge to be able to knit with this finer lace weight. 

ambling along

ambling along

I will let the photos speak as I am too nervous to even think. Suffice to say I have ordered more Brooklyn Tweed Vale in a different colour as the stitch definition and next to skin comfort has exceeded my expectations. I will have notes on the sizing on my project page in Ravelry. When dad kept asking if I had place my next order I knew resistance was futile. I was encouraged to go out for the photos when my sister called and commented on the contemporary look and feel of the top. It was the first time she had seen and felt it therefore I knew dad wasn't just telling me stories to make me feel better! The Artisan book has been one of the best pattern books I have added to my library. Despite vagueness in some instructions when the patterns were translated to English, I cannot believe how many times I will knit this design plus the other patterns from the collection. Helga Isager's designs are excellent, classics that work for me and for the clothes in my wardrobe. 

back again

back again

textures along the riverbank

textures along the riverbank


Brooklyn Tweed Vale version Colour: Norway


Isager Spinni Tweed version Colour: 61s

Time to go home

Time to go home