When silence speaks

Porcelain fare  

Porcelain fare  

Ramblings around rambles today. My mind is in a complex state which wouldn’t be easy to understand. I just want to share a selection of photos from walks we had before I succumbed to an awful headache. I hope my ‘ramblings’ will explain in part why being away from social media is necessary at times. I have a sensitive nature and this often leads to self imposed feelings of isolation. Worry that I don’t belong, worry why there is silence. This worry didn’t cause my headache but I had time to think and I am actually relieved that I am sensitive. Being aware of others helps me to be highly aware of how others are feeling. I see the world around me with different eyes, not just the fleeting timeline we all have to face online now. I care deeply about my friends and nature.

The photos in this post have been taken over a few weeks and reflecting on them as I chose them for the blog made me realise, we need tech to keep memories like this but we also need to go out to find memories in real life.


dinner is served, plated up



Queued round the corner  



Head chef  



Green scene  





We went out when I began to feel human again but with unwashed hair which wouldn’t be acceptable online! My hair was the least of my worries, I just needed air and a short ramble in the forest with dad was just what neither of us needed. The forest car park was unusually busy although we had a quiet walk there was a section we both noted how many families, couples and lone walkers were about. Refreshing to see this, no phones in sight, just children playing on stepping stones, couples chatting. People speaking to us as we passed by, friendly greetings were all around. I may have been the only one to observe and think but this was real life, and has a very important part to play in all of our lives. Life doesn’t revolve around social networks and we can enjoy a good old fashioned ramble. It was a short but lovely afternoon. The intrepid explorer had promised me we would be on real paths.....but the photo shows why I came home with my good jeans a bit wet and muddy! I shot a short video for proof of how he used the branch to find a solid rock to stand on. 



proper path?  

My turn next but with a helping hand    

My turn next but with a helping hand  


(Close brackets) 

(Close brackets) 

Today I went nervously back online to check my messages and proceeded to reply to friends across the world from London, Germany, Belgium, New York, Florida, Canada and Australia, this is when being online makes the world a smaller place and brings warmth of friendship closer to me. I had no idea how many of these ladies had noticed my absence and the fact we had ex-hurricane Ophelia visiting us, they cared for our safety too. These messages emphasised to me how many friends I have who were waiting for me to break the silence. Silence can be hurtful but silent friends can bring joy when we least expect it. 

I didn’t attempt to go out in the storm but I have a feeling if I had felt better, I may have been taken to the Rope bridge! Thankfully the National Trust had safety sense and wouldn’t have let us across.

I hope we can be out and about again and I can view my screen for longer to catch up on messages to friends, online. That’s it for screen time today, even my new iPad Pro has had a rest. My knitting needles are back in action and Galloway is still in progress.

Hat ahoy

This is what happened when I knit a hat. 

Harbouring peaceful thoughts (hiding how cold I was) Copeland Island in the distance

I would take a good guess that friends who follow my blog will know that as much as I love to knit, both of us love to finish my projects with a fun photo shoot. We love our chats as we plan a location and know when we arrive there we will have fun and there will also be behind the scenes shots and stories to tell. I am still so nervous knowing I am on the wrong side of the camera but I can assure anyone reading this blog I am not showing off any knitting as I know my weaknesses but I also love to develop my projects. I have three projects on in this shot and the sheep all live around the world!

My hat is another design from Ysolda Teague's Knitworthy collection. I love to knit cables and this beanie has set my knitting clicking and considering more cable knitting over winter. The wool is from Germany (Rauwerk wool) it was crisp to knit with and robust on my fingers. It was still oiled but after the spa it softened and produced a velvet like beanie. I loved the wool and plan to knit another Liab beanie.

My sweater is the one I knit last year from Brooklyn Tweed's Yoke collection. The sheep to create Loft wool live in the USA to add to my sheep around the world in this photo. My mittens were adapted by me to use part of Kate Davies design for the Rams and Yowes blanket I knit two years ago. I must have had courage then as I made the mittens up! The sheep for my mittens live in Shetland - how's that for a round up of sheep and their wool! I am going to knit mittens using sheep from Irish wool soon!

hard rock!

The shoot was going well and we had the harbour all to ourselves! The lapping of the sea was calming my mind as we had left a rather fraught week behind. The air was bracing, my heart wasn't racing as I was slowly turning white then blue as I was sitting or standing while dad did the clicking but didn't realise he might have to carry me home as a block of ice! Scroll across the photos and pop one or two out if you want.

roped in

We haven't had the luxury of travelling round the world but how can we ignore the pleasure of living on an island where we can be at the coast or the country in less than 45mins from home. I love my home and my own bed!

straight up and down 

A pantomime behind the scenes. There is a story behind my boots which I might tell if things work out with them but there was a reason I was changing and dad typically took my pop of pink hand knit socks! 

Bold pops of colour, the first pair of socks I ever knit and the ones I wear when I need to calm down. I think about my feet and relax as the socks are crazy and help me to stop thinking if my knitting is perfect enough. Layering up as we moved about with a technical ski jacket to save my life (not the life rescue ring this time)

We had a wonderful afternoon and all because I knit a hat!

IMG_3443 (1).jpg

Project accomplished! Glint in eye speaks for me......I was defrosting (seriously)